Our middle and high school students come together each week for a great time of fun and devotion. We like to mix things up–sometimes we meet just for the sake of having fun and growing closer in our friendships, but other times we may gather for a more intimate time of worship or a practical look at how God’s Word (the Bible) applies to everyday life.  Ultimately, it’s our hope to partner with parents to help train up teenagers into Godly men and women for Christ.  Find out more about our upcoming activities and how you can get plugged into the student ministry here.

vKidz, Preschool & Nursery
Each weekend your children can be a part of an exciting and active environment filled with songs, games and a lovable volunteer staff that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level… whether your child is in the Preschool or Nursery age or has already begun elementary school, we have a special time planned just for them.

So while parents are experiencing the creative, life-changing worship of Vansickle Baptist Church, their children are having an exciting experience for themselves as well.