TRUE LOVE WAITS (TLW)… is a program that encourages teenagers to make (and live by) a commitment to purity and following God’s plan for love, sex and marriage. It is a comprehensive call that involves the mind, the spirit, and the body, as well as the actions that accompany those facets of our lives.

This commitment is huge! And, to be honest should not be entered into lightly. For this reason, we only offer the TLW program every few years.  In fact, SOME MAY NOT BE READY to make such a commitment and may need to wait until we offer it again. Parents will have to use their own discretion in this area.

Our study will be done over the course of several weeks and through a couple of exciting different events, with a special commitment service to close out our study.

INTRODUCTION | Sunday, January 28th @ 4:30 pm in the Youth Room
Study #1 | Saturday, February 3rd @ Archery Tag or Laser Tag (Meet at Church @ 5pm)
Study #2 | Sunday, February 4th @ *4pm* in the Youth Room
Study #3 | Sunday, February 11th @ 4:30 pm in the Youth Room
Study #4 | Sunday, February 18th @ 4:30 pm in the Youth Room
Study #5 | Saturday, February 24th @ TBD
Study #6 | Sunday, February 25th @ 4:30 pm in the Youth Room
TLW Banquet for Parents & Students | Saturday, March 3rd @ 6 pm in VBC Fellowship Hall / Kitchen
Ring Ceremony | Sunday, March 4th @ 10:30 am in Sanctuary
TLW Debrief | Sunday, March 11th @ 4:30 pm in the Youth Room


The Ring Ceremony and Commitment Service will take place on n the morning of March 4th @ 10:30 am. The students will have the opportunity to make their TLW commitments before God, the church congregation and their parents. As we have said already, this is a very special commitment. Because of this fact, we are encouraging parents to find some tangible expression of that commitment–a token if you will. It can be anything that family chooses to give. Some have used rings, while others have chosen charms, bracelets, or literal tokens to represent that commitment.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual family to decide what is best for their student and their situation. Parents can purchase a purity ring (or some other token) from several retailers, either locally or online. Lifeway Christian Stores, Christian Book Distributors, and James Avery are all great places to look at various options. Generally, you can find these tokens online by searching for “Purity” or “True Love Waits” on each site. These are just a few suggested places to start.